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Call for Papers: The 2014 Oceania-Korea Conference for the Inauguration of the Oceania Branch of the ISKS (The University of Auckland on November 29th and 30th)

These days, the presence of Korea is felt more in Oceania. Korean migrants have been increasing in Australia, New Zealand and even in the South Pacific islands such as Fiji. Korean popular culture, which has been popular elsewhere has reached Oceania. This is reflected well in the classrooms of universities in Australia and New Zealand, where increasing number of students are taking Korean language and culture courses.

The ISKS (International Society for Korean Studies) has opened its Oceania branch earlier this year, which is a positive development for the region's Korean Studies. Together with the region's KSAA (Korean Studies Association in Australasia), the ISKS' Oceania Chapter will bring us closer to other Koreanists in the countries such as Japan, China, Western Europe and even in North Korea.    

In addition, the bilateral relations between Korea and Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji have grown and deepened in the last three decades. We hear that the NZ-ROK Free Trade Agreement is imminent. Korean students and young people on working holiday visas are easily seen in New Zealand and Australia. So are Korean tourists in the region. Meanwhile, a few thousand young New Zealanders and Australians are teaching English at schools in South Korea. Some even visit North Korea both as tourists and NGO workers.

It is time we marked three important milestones:

1) the launch of the ISKS (International Society for Korean Studies) Oceania Chapter;

2) the instigation of the University of Auckland's CUPKS (Core University Programme in Korean Studies) funding two years ago from the Academy of Korean Studies; and

3) the University of Queensland and the University of the South Pacific (Fiji)'s Korean Studies Incubation Programmes.

To celebrate these, we would like to bring academics, postgraduate students, Korean language teachers and others together to share their knowledge and visions about Oceania and the two Koreas. We would like to address the following (but are not restricted to) questions at the conference:

·         Economic, political, diplomatic and cultural relations between the two Koreas and Oceania countries such as New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific island nations;

·         Politics, economy, society, and culture of South Korea and North Korea

·         Hallyu phenomenon in Oceania

·         Korean diaspora, students, working holiday visa holders, and tourists in Oceania

·         Teaching and learning about Korean language and culture in Oceania

·         Other representations of Korea and its culture in Oceania

·         Any other topics directly and indirectly related to South and North Korea


This conference is co-hosted by the Korean Studies Centre of the University of Auckland, the International Society for Korean Studies (ISKS) Oceania Chapter, Osaka University of Economics and Law, and the Ocean University of China's Korean Studies Centre. It will be convened at the University of Auckland. The International Society for Korean Studies (ISKS) [see:] wishes to expand its reach to Oceania. The General Secretary of the ISKS, Mr. Ryong Bae, will represent the ISKS and also the Osaka University of Economics and Law. Prof. Hai Ying Li (CUPKS Director, the Ocean University of China) will give the keynote speech for the event.

The conference will be held on November 29 and 30 at the University of Auckland, and we would like to invite anyone who wants to present his/her paper at the meeting. Both individual presenters and panels are welcome.  

Date: November 29 (Saturday) and 30 (Sunday)

Venue: Case Rooms 3 & 4, Level 0 of the OGGB Building, University of Auckland City Campus 

Application: Please send the application form (see below) to Mr. Nick Laery <> before Friday October 31, 2014.

Registration: There are no registration fees.  Teas, lunches and a dinner on the Saturday night will be provided free of charge for the presenters.

Accommodation Information: Accommodation is the participant's responsibility, but we have secured a special rate for participants at the Copthorne Hotel on Anzac Avenue (150 Anzac Avenue, Auckland CBD). This is located only three minutes' walk from the venue.


The special rate is $118 a night (single or up to 2 people in a room). In the case of three people sharing a room, the special rate is $158 per room. Breakfast is an additional $20 per person.  


To get this special rate call Jade of the Copthorne Hotel Anzac Avenue at +64 9 379-8509 and mention that the booking is for the "University of Auckland's NZ-Korea Conference".


Further details of the Copthorne Hotel on Anzac Avenue can be found in the following link:!4209!3!36166669602!p!!g!!copthorne%20hotel%20anzac%20avenue&ef_id=Uky9oQAABf2e3RXc:20140730061150:s




Application Form for the 2014 Oceania-Korea Conference (Nov 29, 30 2014)

Send this 2-page application by Friday October 31 to Mr. Nick Laery <>. Successful applicants will be notified by September 30.

Application Part 1

Name (last, first)



Affiliation (university, school, or any organisation), position, and title






E-mail & Phone number




Application Part 2

Title of paper:



Abstract of your paper (300 words):